Trip Away

Theo on the 10th of April 2013 will be going to Dunderry Park for an over night stay.

We will be having three experiential meditation classes.

one being a shamanic drumming session finding our spirit guides in a cleansed space.

a second being a gong healing meditation session with a Sikh band

And a Third session with Leon Moscanna, Bulgarian Mystic who will be taking us through the Paneurhythmy, a walking meditation.

The trip will be catered by Dunderry staff, who will be cooking us the finest vegetarian food.

Reception in the evening followed by breakfast in the morning.

Time given to explore the grounds, chill out, and have new experiences.

All this including bus, only 50 euro, late bookings will be taken. Call Mick 087 063 0948.

To book now talk to Lyndsey at, shared rooms and private rooms available.

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