Presidential Debate

”This House would uphold a ban on the Religious Circumcision of Children”

A court in Germany recently ruled that infant religious circumcision was against the best interests of the child. Is this impinging the right of the child? Is it latent anti-Muslim/Jewish sentiment? Does this impact on the right of a parent to choose the religion/lifestyle of their children?

This issue is one that seems to divide even our committee, so what could be better for our Presidential Debate?

We will also be swearing in our first president for many years, the dynamic John Scally. Therefore we will be having a constitutional referendum and honouring past members too.

Watch the Introduction and reading out of past members

Watch Mick ledden Proposition

Watch Stephen Murray Oposition

Watch Michael Nugent head of Atheist Ireland, proposition

Watch John Doody opposition

Watch Jamie Donnelly Proposition

Watch response, john doody

Watch Dara McCashin Proposition and crowd participation

Watch closing and presidential acceptence

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