Semester One 12 – 13


Term One

26th Sep – Norman Finkelstien – America’s love affair with Israel
1st Oct – Umar Al Quadri – Muslim Intergration
8th Oct – John Smearton – Why Ireland shouldn’t change its abortion laws
15th Oct – Presidential Debate – ”This House would uphold a ban on infant Circumcision” plus swearing in our president
22nd Oct – Paul Rowe – CEO educate together: Imbalance in the Irish School System
24th Oct – Ismael Khalidi: first Muslim diplomat in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaks to Theo
29th Oct – HALLOWEEN
12th Nov – Mike Garde – founder of Dialogue Ireland – Combating Cults
19th Nov – Alexander Goldberg – Human Rights Issues: Facing down Discrimination
26th Nov – Peter McVerry – Combating Homelessness: His life and story
3rd Dec – Mary Condren – Fifty Shades of Oppression: Religion and the Politics of Erotic Domination
10th Dec – Witches Covenant – Occult live in the GMB

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